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Becoming a member at AGC

Becoming a member at AGC

Interested in Joining?

If you have a child who wishes to join Alloa Gymnastics Club they will have to attend a “Club Trial” first!

Alloa Gymnastics Club is a competitive club and we hold trials for the children allowing potential gymnasts to come along and demonstrate particular gymnastic skills in line with the British Gymnastic guidelines. We select members on this basis.

We will advertise trial sessions on our website and Facebook Page – please look out for trial dates on our news pages!

What happens after I have completed a trial?

We will advise whether your child was successful in the trial held with AGC. We appreciate that that there will be some disappointment if you were unsuccessful however we will select members based on the skills demonstrated, as a competitive club we have limited spaces and unfortunately cannot accept everyone. If unsuccesful we would recommend that you join the local authority classes and build skills before attending another trial session.

If you have been successful then we will email you advising the class type and times suitable, we then need you to register your child / children with the club using our online membership system.

To register your child / children with Alloa Gymnastics Club please read through and follow the steps below:

  1. You must first register your child/children with British Gymnastics, this provides insurance cover as well as allowing training under their guidelines, please join online here: https://register.british-gymnastics.org/gymnet/register/yourdetails – this is mandatory before you can join Alloa Gymnastics Club.
  2. You will need your British Gymnastics club membership / bank account / sort code details to proceed with the membership process!
  3. Go to the club member registration page by clicking here!
  4. Follow the link for club member registration
  5. Complete Gymnast details on the the form
  6. If appropriate add sibling details (note they will also need to be members of British Gymnastics)
  7. You will then be asked to set up a direct debit with Alloa Gymnastics Club, this allows the club to collect the AGC Membership Fee (£20), monthly fees based on hours training undertaken, please complete the form and submit.
  8. A confirmation email will be sent to you on completion of registration.
  9. Alloa Gymnastics Club will approve your registration and advise the classes they have been allocated.
  10. Once your membership has been approved you will receive an email allowing you to register / login to a member account and access to update any details etc.

The new membership system will take payments for the classes approved on the 1st of every month. If you join mid month an interim payment may be taken for the balance of the month.

The membership system has been designed to allow easy communication from coaches to individual classes, online purchase of gymnast clothing, confirmation and payment of grading / competition events etc.

Please contact us on info@alloagymnasticsclub.co.uk if you have any queries.


The team at Alloa Gymnastics Club