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Pre-School Gymnastics Sessions

Pre-School Gymnastics Sessions

Alloa Gymnastics Club is now offering both Pre-School Gymnastics sessions for budding gymnasts aged 3-5 year olds!

Offering children a fantastic introduction to gymnastics, our qualified coaches will run sessions in line with Scottish Gymnastics guidelines!

Research has shown that children who have a positive experience with activity before the age of 5 stay active.

Play is a serious business; it should be a fun, enjoyable activity that stimulates the development of the mind and body. Pre-school gymnastics provides a stimulating play environment that is the key to starting children on the sporting pathway and getting them active for life.

A good pre-school gym experience can provide social, physical, lingual & intellectual, creative & emotional awareness and improve concentration, competence & confidence.

We have two Pre-School sessions available to book on Wednesdays, either 10.00am to 10.45am, or 4.00pm to 4.45pm with each 6 week block only £30 (for the period 8/1 – 12/2).

To reserve your place visit our online Pre-School Gymnastics Registration page and follow the instructions.

The payment taken is for a full block, unfortunately refunds cannot be given if the child drops out or misses any classes.

Pre-School Sessions:

Alloa Gymnastics Club is affiliated with Scottish Gymnastics, therefore before registering for our pre-school classes participants must join Scottish Gymnastics, annual membership for Pre-School Gymnasts aged 3-5 is available for £13 / year – please join here: https://www.scottishgymnastics.org/ (NB This does not apply to Parent and Toddler sessions)

Gymnasts should come along with their parents / guardians wearing suitable clothing eg leotard / gym shorts / T-Shirt / Leggings. Due to the age of the participants, parents should be there to bring their children in to the class, and wait whilst the class is on in case any child is upset or needs the toilet etc, and then collect at the end of the class.